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Losing a loved one is hard. Handling their estate can feel overwhelming. You face complex legal processes, potential family disputes, and the pressure of honoring their legacy.

At Capital City Estate Planning, our skilled approach to North Carolina estate administration brings clarity and peace to the process, giving you time to grieve.

We manage legal details efficiently, ensuring your loved one’s wishes are respected and settled with dignity and precision. With our help, you can handle executor and administrator duties with confidence and ease, whether in the courtroom or discussing issues with beneficiaries.

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We handle all aspects of estate administration. From will probate submission and estate inventory to paying creditors and distributing assets, we’ve got you covered.

We simplify the estate administration process with services including:

  • Help applying for simplified estate settlement
  • Guidance through legally complex estates
  • Efficient handling of creditors and taxes
  • Document preparation and court filings
  • Asset valuation and distribution to heirs
  • Help with applications for a spousal “year’s allowance”

We understand the challenges you face with the probate process. That’s why our team provides compassionate and competent administration services designed to reduce your stress levels.

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Our Estate Services

If you’re just starting this journey, you may wonder what estate administration involves. It is a court probate process that can last several months to years, depending on the complexity of the estate.

However, no matter how complicated the estate is, our experienced attorneys can help you find your way through each step of the process. 

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Estate and Probate Process in North Carolina:

Each step of the estate administration process requires careful attention to legal details and deadlines. It’s essential to manage these tasks efficiently to honor the deceased’s wishes and comply with North Carolina law.

It’s also crucial to make correct accountings to the court.

As a personal estate representative, you can be held legally responsible for any financial mistakes.

That’s why an experienced estate lawyer is crucial to ensure exact and precise accountings when accomplishing your tasks which may include the following: 

  • File the will with the county clerk’s office
  • Apply for letters testamentary for executor or administrator status
  • Notify heirs and beneficiaries
  • Appraise assets and submit inventory to Probate Court
  • Notify creditors and pay valid claims
  • File personal income and any estate taxes 
  • Distribute assets to heirs 
  • File with probate court to close the estate

Ensure you hold up under the court’s scrutiny with our assistance. Find your way and feel confident about the estate administration process.

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We provide Estate Administration services in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest, Wendell, Smithfield, as well as all surrounding counties including Wake, Johnston, Durham, Harnett, Granville, Nash, Vance, Pitt, and more.

FAQs About Estate Administration

What is Estate Administration?

Estate administration is the process of managing and distributing a deceased person’s estate according to their will or state law. Many individuals leave detailed estate planning documents outlining their wishes.

Our experienced attorneys make every effort to honor their wishes and assist you through the court process.

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How long does the Estate Administration process take?

The probate process varies according to the complexity of the estate. If the estate has few creditors and simply structured assets, along with content beneficiaries, a few months is possible.

However, if there is family strife, a long list of creditors, assets that must be sold, multiple businesses, and will contests, the process can last years.

There are sometimes shortcuts for smaller estates, such as: 

  • Small Estates
  • Affidavit Process

At Capital City Estate Planning, we strive to complete the probate process as efficiently as possible while being thorough.

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Do I need an attorney for Estate Administration?

It’s highly recommended to bring an attorney on to ensure legal compliance and ease the process. Working with settling an estate requires management skills and understanding of accounting procedures.

In addition, the personal representative sometimes must handle difficult family situations among heirs and beneficiaries.

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What if there's no Last Will?

We assist in cases where an individual has made no estate plan and has not created a last will and testament.

In these cases, the intestate succession laws of North Carolina lay out the plan for estate distribution. The state laws for inheritance often differ significantly from what the decedent intented and the family expects to receive.

Our experienced attorneys can help you handle any family strife brought about by the lack of a last will.

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Can you help with disputes among beneficiaries?

Yes, our team of lawyers provides support and advice to resolve disputes amicably and fairly. Often, a deceased’s last will contains mistakes or oversights due to a lack of proper planning.

When this happens, family members can feel left out and file will contest proceedings. 

With our help, we can work to mediate the situation and often avoid expensive and lengthy court battles and family discord. 

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Do you also help with Trust Administration?

We are happy to help a trustee honor trust documents after a death in the family. Because this process is not a court proceeding and not public, the process tends to be easier.

In addition, a deceased individual who has taken time to make plans using trusts has generally given a great deal of thought and consideration to their plans. Their consideration of others often helps proceedings go more smoothly and efficiently.

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