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Protecting Your Future with Compassion

Navigating elder law issues can be overwhelming. Without proper guidance, aging can bring financial strain and legal complications. As elder law attorneys, we offer peace of mind and security for your future.

We provide clear, effective solutions to the struggles you face as you grow older.

Our approach prioritizes your needs, ensuring your legal affairs are in order, safeguarding your financial assets, and upholding your healthcare wishes for the future.

Our team is dedicated to delivering personalized service. We work closely with you to understand your unique situation, offering legal strategies that align with your goals. Whether you’re planning for healthcare decisions, securing your estate, avoiding a guardianship, or navigating plans for long-term care, we’re here to guide you every step.

We handle your legal concerns with the utmost care and professionalism, allowing you to focus on living with peace of mind.

Secure Your Future With Legal Documents Designed for You

Our services ensure your wishes are respected and your assets protected. Our elder law attorneys practice law in the Raleigh area, focusing on helping older adults make the best decisions about their future.

We’re also focused on helping you plan for your loved ones’ future with:

  • Tailored Legal Solutions Protecting Assets
  • Experienced guidance on Medicaid and Disability Law
  • Comprehensive Guardianship Support
  • Personalized Legal Strategies in Elder Law Planning
  • In-depth Knowledge of North Carolina Laws
  • Compassionate Client Support
  • Efficient Handling of Legal Documentation

We bring years of dedicated elder law practice to every case, offering personalized, empathetic legal support. Get in touch to find out how we can help you plan for yours and your family’s future.

Elder Law Attorney Legal Services

Elder law encompasses various legal planning types, each addressing older adults’ specific needs and concerns. Here’s an explanation of each:

Estate Planning

Prepare for the management and distribution of your estate after your passing.

Create wills, trusts, and other instruments to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Minimize taxes and legal complications for your beneficiaries.

Durable Power of Attorney

Appoint someone you trust to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so.

Your POA agent can handle tasks like paying bills, managing investments, personal and healthcare issues, and making financial decisions on your behalf.

We can help you limit or broaden the scope of your agent’s powers based on your specific needs.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Similar to a Durable Power of Attorney, but specifically for healthcare decisions, designate someone to make medical decisions for you if you’re incapacitated.

Using your advance directives, such as a Living Will, your agent makes medical decisions that respect your wishes. 

Advance Directives, Such as a Living Will

Advance Directives empower you to make your healthcare wishes known in case you become unable to communicate them yourself. You can specify your preferences regarding life-sustaining treatments, end-of-life care, and other critical medical decisions.

Ensure your healthcare choices are respected, relieving your loved ones of the burden of making these difficult decisions for you during emotional times.

Advance directives, such as a living will also help prevent potential conflicts among family members and ensure that your medical treatment aligns with your personal values and desires.

Find peace of mind for both you and your family, ensuring your healthcare wishes are clearly understood and followed.

Long-Term Care and Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning involves structuring your finances to qualify for Medicaid while preserving your assets. Medicaid planning is essential for covering long-term care costs, such as nursing home care, without exhausting your savings.

Health insurance does not generally cover assisted living or long-term skilled nursing care.

We also focus on preparing for potential future care needs by evaluating long-term care insurance options, understanding the costs of different care, and helping you prepare to cover them.


If become legally incompetent or incapacitated without preparing for the future with a power of attorney, a court may become involved.

In these cases, a court may legally appoint a guardian to make decisions about your care and finances.

Each of the above planning types plays a vital role in ensuring that your later years are as comfortable and secure as possible, reflecting your wishes and needs.

FAQs About Elder Law

What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

A Durable POA a legal document allowing someone to act on your behalf for financial, and potentially other decisions, even if you become unable to make decisions on your own.

How does a Healthcare Power of Attorney differ from other Powers of Attorney?

A Healthcare POA lets you appoint someone to make medical decisions  for you if you cannot due to incapacitation or incompetence.

The Healthcare POA is specifically for this purpose while other POAs may give powers to make other decisions for you in addition to your medical decisions.

What should I know about Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid planning involves structuring assets to qualify for Medicaid while preserving wealth. Medicaid can cover the basics of long-term care if you are financially eligible.

Eligibility involves spending down your assets to qualify for care, OR

You can place your hard-earned assets in an irrevocable Medicaid trust at least 5 years before you need services. The trust keeps your assets safe while you still qualify for Medicaid coverage of long term care services. 

When is Guardianship necessary?

Guardianship is a court-ordered arrangement that some individuals need when they can no longer make safe or sound decisions. Guardianship is not generally necessary for those who have a power of attorney agent assisting them with their care decisions. 

How can your services help me?

We provide experienced legal advice tailored to your unique elder law needs. We help with legal services designed for tax planning, asset preservation, disability planning, estate planning, Medicaid planning, and more.

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